Japanese Science Cartoonist Hayanon Visits Goddard(2012)

2012年にNASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centerを訪問した際、Katrina Jacksonさんという方がはやのんを取材してインタビュー記事にしてくださったものがあるので、ここに掲載しておきます。

Japanese Science Cartoonist Hayanon Visits Goddard06.28.12  Goddard scientists work with many cool things on a daily basis, but few get the chance to be drawn into comic book characters. On June 14 and 15, Japanese science cartoonist Hayanon visited NASA Goddard to interview earth scientists for new comic strips. Hayanon is a mangaka – a master of Japanese comics called manga – and she holds a bachelor’s in physics. She writes and illustrates comic strips about science topics such as auroras, global warming, and cosmic rays. These comics are mainly aimed toward children and non-scientists, though she has written for many audiences.
(Article by Katrina Jackson)



その後このGoddard Space Flight Centerからは地球科学に関する漫画冊子を3冊出版してもらうことができました。